Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Mullets Out Of Fashion - Arundel vs. Pagham

Standard Mill Road shot
This weekend was one of the best of the season - The Extra Preliminary Round of The FA Cup which is also for many teams, the opening weekend of the season. I had planned to visit Shaftesbury but the major works at Waterloo put Hampshire and a lot of the south west out of reach. As things turned out, my second choice was hardly a step down. Last season when my parents were visiting, we headed to Arundel for a day out and a game only for the game to be postponed first thing in the morning - terrible planning on my part of course. Back to this season and Arundel were playing fellow Sussex League side Pagham. The visitors finished in fourth last season while Arundel finished just above the relegation spots.

Another view of the stand at kick off
Arundel are quick out of the blocks but the eventual weak shot fails to trouble the keeper. Pagham then put together a great move with the final header going just over the bar. They come a lot closer as a ball from wide is controlled in the box by the forward before he lashes home off the post to give the visitors the lead. The Arundel keeper then makes a save at his near post to keep his team in the game. Just before half time the Pagham attacker gets into a great position and all his ball across the six yard box is missing is the final touch into the net.

Arundel defending with the clubhouse in the background
Pagham don't wait long to extend their lead in the second half. Pagham get in on goal and after the first shot is blocked, the attacker is first to the ball and he makes it two nil. Pagham look to extended their advantage and they come close with a shot from distance which goes just wide. The away side get themselves in on goal again forcing the Arundel keeper to make a great save on the angle at his near post. Arundel create a couple of half chances, the best being when they get behind the Pagham defense but they regain their composure to clear their lines. The third goal comes when the forward out muscles the defender and he lashes home from close range. Pagham add a late fourth to seal the comfortable passage.

3-0 Pagham
Arundel is a stunning town that in theory should be easy to get to and from. Trains depart from Victoria taking an hour and forty five minutes - assuming there are no power supply problems. There is a lot to see in the town before a game including the castle and cathedral. After the sightseeing you can visit The St Mary Gate which is literally next door to the cathedral and had a good selection of drinks. Then just down the hill is the excellent Kings Arms which has a couple of ales on and allows you to take your own food in. Then if you fancy a pint of Harvey's as you're in Sussex then The White Hart has a couple on. The bar at the ground has the usual selection of drinks and the burgers are brilliant.

Final view of the stand

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